DIGITRON Engineering B.V. Was established in 1997 - The V.O.F. is converted into a B.V in 2000. During this period, much experience in designing, building and programming of industrial control for example, filters, presses, greenhouse cleaners, bioreactors, transportation, continuous processes, etc. By this diversity, Digitron Engineering B.V. developed its knowledge and experience significantly. This allows us to offer our customers a wide range of services and support.

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With a team of specialists, each with one or more specializations, it is possible to realize projects in a short time without losing the focus of customers wishes. As a result of our relatively small organization we have a strong commitment and flexibility approach to our customers. This leads to perfect care of the automation projects. When all parts of the industrial automation field are put in the hands of Digitron Engineering B.V., the customer has only one contact point for the entire project. This keeps the communication lines short and straight. With our specialist knowledge, gained over many automation projects around the world, you are assured of a good, but also reliable result. All the necessary knowledge and direct communication about performance and progress combined with one partner!


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