Construction of panels - industrial automation

Digitron Engineering BV has a fully equipped workshop which is equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools. Whether it involves making small, simple control cabinets or large, complex control for complete plants, all work on the installation and assembly of control panels is done by Digitron Engineering. Our panel construction features high quality and is according to the latest assembly technology. The panels we produce can be used nationally or worldwide.





Quality panelsWiring of panels

All panels will be tested in the workshop and a final inspection is done according to standard procedures. By applying these standard procedures in conjunction with calibrated measuring instruments, the quality is maintained at a high level.







Transport of panels and control boxes

Transport of panels and control boxes

Depending on the destination of the control panels, they can be wrapped in plastic, cardboard, crates and a combination of it. Of course is this done in accordance with the wishes of the customer. By using carriers who are familiar with the transportation of these goods, the risk of damage is reduced to a minimum and you are assured of a proper delivery of goods worldwide.

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